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Doe Eye Media Productions Inc. is an independent production company in the screen content industry headquartered in Toronto, Canada. CEO Marva Ollivierre, an award-winning writer, Gemini nominated Executive Produce, accountant, and committed mentor with over 25 years of industry experience, describes herself and her company as “makers” – together with the support of an industry network of collaborators, we facilitate the making of creative stuff. – Our forte is the depth of experience across a broad spectrum of production roles and the ability to apply a big-picture lens to all aspects of a production cycle from intake through business affairs, production, post, marketing, and distribution/sales.


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Adventure Drama | Feature Film | English

Inspired by the true adventures of a woman whose life became defined by her escapades at sea. 


She Pirate of the Caribbean - The post WWII adventures of CJ, a 23-year-old Caribbean mother of four, who after being orphaned and homeless at thirteen, finds her way into the dangerous “man’s world” of illicit trafficking as a seafaring smuggler, risking everything for her dreams of a better life.

WRITER: Marva Ollivierre 
EXECUTIVE PRODUCERS: Marva Ollivierre and Alfons Adetuyi 

CONSULTANT: Shannon Masters




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MEN IN RAINCOATS - docu/animation

a case of arrested development Men In Raincoats is a CanCon tale of arrested development, a metaphor for shady politicians, businessmenn, thugs, and gangsters of the 1920s who firmly inked the blueprint for Canada's film industry. MIR is a docu-animation satire of political bullying, double-dealing, and hostile takeovers, coupled with cultural and economic misappropriation. Set in Canada's film community from 1896 to the present day, at the centre lies eight (8) pivotal Canadian legislative inactions and their long-lasting impact on the present-day reality of CanCon filmmaking and distribution. MIR also answers why filmmakers eagerly embrace new technological exhibition mediums and thumb their noses at the CanCon industry's new crop of Men In Raincoats.



STATUS: In Production

PRODUCTION COMPANY: Doe Eye Media Production


Feature Production


MADE IN CANADA is a documentary production, Writers MARVA OLLIVIERRE & SCOTT BOYD, Director SCOTT BOYD, Producer MARVA OLLIVIERRE, Associate Producer ORLA GARRIQUES, Director Photography MAYA BANKOVIC, Editor JARED RAAB, Sound Recordist SEAN KOCH

Made in Canada – an intimate, p.o.v. exploration of the shifting landscape facing workers of the Canadian film and television industry, exemplified by the story of an aspiring documentary filmmaker knee deep in an “early-life career crisis” and attempting to gauge what the future has in store for his dream of making films in Canada.

At the heart of this documentary is the business of telling stories, the euphoric high of being in production, the Canadian resources that facilitate the process, the spirit, energy and sacrifices of the dedicated craftsmen and women who make ‘screen-magic’, the audiences that support their incredible efforts.

Feature Production
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MIC Internship Program

BARB Producing Media Content Talks

May 7, 2022

BARB/Doe Eye Media Kitchen Table Talk

Hairuona Film Festival
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

Producer's Round Table

The event was an inclusive conversation with content creators from St. Vincent and the Grenadines on the business of the arts, producing screen content and bridging access to professional development.

Panelists: Jay-Z Lewis, Kayron Phillips, Rory Milnes, Colin Browne, Vonley Smith, Javed DaSouza, Hayden Billingy, Jamali Jack and Aiko Roudette

Visit Hairouna Film Festival and Marva Ollivierre for more infomation.

Where to Start If You Wanna Make a Film

A diverse panel of Canadian Content Producers in conversation with HFF participants sharing their perspectives, experiences, and day-to-day realities of the film/screen content business in North America and around the world. The discussion will include training, talent development, finding the money (crowdfunding and other financing options), the value of a business strategy in maximizing time, taking advantage of available resources, identifying the core audience of a project, pitching the project, and producing market-ready content with micro budgets.


Panelists: Amar Wala, (Producer/Director, Secret Trial Five), Shenaz Baksh (Media Arts Educator), Orla La-Wayne Garriques (Marketing Executive, OG & CO), Juan Baquero (Director, Twice Upon A Time, Hot Docs Associate International Programmer), Fraser Wrighte (Arts Administrator), Moderator: Marva Ollivierre, BARB/Doe Eye Media Kitchen Table Talks

Visit Hairouna Film Festival and Marva Ollivierre for more infomation.

March 21, 2021

BARB/Doe Eye Media Kitchen Table Talk

Hairuona Film Festival
St. Vincent and the Grenadines

BARB Producing Media Content Talks
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